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Hello, again!
I didn't go into hiding. Aliens didn't take me away.  I've just been in school for 18 days already!
Yep...you read that correctly 10 + 8, eighteen, 20 - 2, and any other name for 18.
Soooo, I guess second graders took me away. :)

Last night, I told myself I was gonna sleep in tomorrow...yay!
My body didn't agree so I said to myself, "Let's blog!"
Here I am with coffee in hand linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching after a long absence. :)
Can you believe I've been at school for a week already and it's only August 2nd!?

I'm linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for Currently in August!

My son woke up at 6:00 to get a little Minecraft time in today.  (It's too nice here to play video games during the day but I couldn't help but let him! He woke up at 6:00. ha!)  Now, he is singing along with the music - I guess more like humming along.

I moved to second grade this year from first grade. I LOVE IT!! 

Summer's been over for a week and I miss my casual lazy grocery shopping... (sigh)

I would love Hermione's time - turner so I can be in two places at once just until B2S night is over. :)

I need to finish my Thinglink for B2S night. I'm trying it out instead of a PowerPoint. If you aren't sure what Thinglink is...click here!  (It's PowerPoint on steroids!)

We live near Taylor's Bakery and they make this amazing things called Cinn-ful Delights. They are little pillow donuts filled with cinnamon-sugar yumminess. My new team needs these to try these out!
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