Five for Friday...

Another GREAT week of summer!  Although, I did have a bazaar dream about turning Meet the Teacher Night into a Speed Dating set-up. could work! :)

I love moving rooms...actually, I think I do. Is it hard work? YES & YES! I love going through everything and rearranging and purging and decorating and discovering new ways to do things.  Plus, this summer I joined The Kindergarten Smorgasboard Summer Book Study: Debbie Miller's Teaching with Intention. It's given me loads of food for thought while setting up my new room and prepping for a new grade.

Our bike shop was going to THROW away a fabulous 30 drawer metal cabinet! It did need some serious TLC and spider removal!  I love how it is turning out. I am painting 10 drawers pink, 10 drawers blue, and 10 drawers grey. I think we will store our math interactive notebooks in it. More pictures to come...

This required a glass of cool wine (okay...more than A glass) and some serious Netflix.  My TPT addiction will work for the next grade level. We will be using Santas to practice place value in July and Easter bunnies to practice double digit addition in October but who cares!!  Sounds like fun to me!

Stitch Fix...when I read about you at Fun in First Grade, I had to try you out. It was fun to come home to a box of 5 items picked just for me - a little present to myself! I LOVED my first fix. I had to send some back because I live on a teacher budget. :)  My second fix was pretty good and reasonably priced. My THIRD fix was a disaster. They responded in 30 MINUTES. Yes, thirty minutes.  They asked me what went wrong and how they could fix it. They offered to comp my next styling fee for a chance to get it right.  We exchanged several emails back and forth.  I must say their customer service was AMAZING and the next fix is on its way!  
If you want to give it a go...
Head on over to Stitch Fix and fill out your Style Profile. Each fix will cost you a $20 styling fee, but if you choose to purchase an item from your fix, your styling fee is deducted from the cost of your clothes. IF you purchase all FIVE items, you get them all at 25% off. Just click HERE for a link and my referral code.  Check out this Stitch Fix group on FB. I joined and they are GREAT.  It's full of tips and tricks and you can buy/sell/trade too.

What's summer without the family fun!!!  The Color Run now has shine (read micro-glitter)!! It was a blast.  Plus, my car sparkles now...probably forever. LOL


  1. It looks like you are making serious progress with your stuff! I have thoroughly enjoyed NOT having to move rooms this summer. Also, I'm really jealous of your sparkly color run. You and your fit family are too fun!

    Shine on in First Grade

    1. We should all do the Color Run next year!! Fun. :)

  2. OK, I'm looking at your last pile and wishing I had some of that stuff. I love that book shelf! I've always wanted one like that. And those containers that I've seen teachers put base ten block in.
    Have a great summer! Looks like you're already having some fun :)

    Made with Love

    1. I love the containers for base ten blocks. I bought them online from the Dollar Store. You can buy in bulk! It's dangerous! :) Plus, I have foam base ten blocks. They are nice and quiet!


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