Five for Friday!

I'm linking up for another great five for Friday!

#2 - #5 will explain why my room still looks a mess.  July is next week! We start school July 29!! EEK... I'm gonna dig in my heels next week...maybe. :)

My last Stitch Fix was awesome! I figured I needed some great shoes to go with my new clothes.  After searching my regular places, a little voice told me to hit the Nordstrom Rack. I listened - even though the parking lot was FULL. I scored these beauties for $35 bucks!! They are comfortable for walking and go with everything!  I'm on the hunt for the black and/or navy pair. They are made by Ugg and called Mattie. #summerbargain 

If I'm working on cute things for the classroom, I feel better about picture #1. :)  My husband brought this home from our local bike shop. It was a tool chest. I scrubbed and blew it out with compressed air before painting. I love the way it turned out. I, also, lined the drawers with yellow contact paper! I'm not sure what I will use it for but that doesn't matter...  It's cute and has 27 drawers!

We had a great time camping with my family.  Brown County State Park is beautiful and close to home.  We've had a rainy summer but both days were just perfect. #greatmemories #goodtimes

Today's Adventure!! I found this hair inspiration on Pinterest. I've NEVER colored my hair - ever.  I'm a little nervous but excited. She has a shorter version of my haircut and base color in the photo. I had no idea coloring would take so long - something about double-process. My stylist said to be prepared for almost three hours.  Sitting still that long will make me CRAZY - knitting to the rescue!

I love my hair! We went for a more subtle color than the picture since I go back to school in 4 weeks. I have an undercut so I can flip it either way. 
It took 3 hours and I was part blonde for a bit!!  I did knit and they gave me a glass of wine (bonus!). I think I will even like it as it fades or grows out to the tips!
(That's my hubby's fire station in the background. He couldn't wait until tomorrow to see it.)


  1. I can't wait to see the hair!!! It will look amazing! :)
    Moore to Learn

  2. Can't believe you start school so soon! Are you on a year round type schedule?

    Literacy Spark

    1. Yep. We have two weeks have in the fall, winter, and spring. Our last day was May 27th. I like the schedule - especially in October and March!

  3. It's even brighter today and in the sun! :)


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