Sunday Celebrating & One Lovely Blog Award

My friend Sarah at Shine on in First Grade text me the other day..."Did you see Stomping Through First's post?"  Naturally, I grab my phone and check it out. I let out a squeal and my hubby raises a big bushy eyebrow (long story). :) I immediately text Sarah back...Whoa!! Look at us - nominated at the same time for One Lovely Blog Award! 
I'm joining Kellee tonight for Sunday Celebrating - the perfect opportunity to share my nomination!
Thank you, Kellee!!
I have had a blog for a while - let me rephrase that - I have had a blogger account for a long while BUT no blog.  I loved and read other people's blogs... Sarah took the leap and inspired me.  It's been wonderful. I have joined Instagram, Twitter, and the newest fun is Periscope!  I owe my blog loveliness to Megan (just learned that it's pronounced Meee-gan from TPT Vegas) from A Bird in Hand Designs.  She's great and talented!

Here's a few tidbits about me before I pass on the fun...

1. I have wanted to be a teacher as long as I can remember.  My job is my passion and I am thankful even on the crazy days that I have my dream job.  (okay, it may take an adult beverage to help me remember on THOSE days - you know what I mean. :)

2. I love to mountain bike.  I only learned a few years ago but it's so much fun. Plus, it's something Mr. B and I can do together - even though he kicks my butt!

3. I love love earl grey tea anything...cocktails, tea, lattes, cookies, cakes, & anything else. :)

4. I have a 7 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. They are my smiles...even when they are being knuckleheads.

5. My little brother and only sibling was killed in the line of duty (police officer) almost five years ago.  My whole world crumbled. It forced me to find strength in myself I didn't know I had...

6. My husband is my best friend.

7. I love peonies...everything about them. 

I am thrilled to be nominated and join in on the fun.  I would like to pass this on to a few of my fellow bloggers. I hope it makes them smile, too.

Thank you for hopping by...


  1. Oh my gee!!! Thank you so much for nominating me. I just let out a little girl scream and the hubs looked at me like I'm crazy. :) You made my night- too sweet!

    1. You're welcome!! :) Sounds like our men had the same reaction to our same reaction. LOL

  2. Earl grey cake? Really? Maybe I can make you some earl grey bread with my fancy bread maker. I made french bread and brought it to my mom. She was impressed.
    Shine on in First Grade

    1. Yep. I tried to make one over the winter and it turned out a little dry. I need to try again.
      YES! I would eat french bread or earl grey bread. :) I'm happy the bread machine is being loved!!


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