Return of the blog...and first 5 for Friday!

I have been in survival mode finishing the year and having fun!
Let me just say...
I cannot wait to upgrade my phone (read CAMERA).

I'm moving up! I will miss my team (insert big sigh)
but I'm excited for second graders!
Plus, I will be in the same grade as my daughter...again. :)

Sarah @ Shine on in First Grade and I waited FOREVER to file our transcripts.  We put all our students in alphabetical order and made quick work of the job!  I will miss her next year - at least she will just be down the hall and around the corner!
New Do for the Summer!
First Day of Break! Mountain Biking Momma wearing pearls...and giving Mr. B a run for his money!
(The blossom is a stickerbush bloom - 
who knew they could be beautiful?!)

I love this guy.  He makes art with his three kids.  My own kids love his videos.  As we were finishing up our American Symbols unit, 
I decided to try him out in my class. 
My students LOVED his interaction with his son 
and drawing the liberty bell all on their own.  
He even added a link to more info on the bell.
Check him out!  
Click photo...

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  1. Although I enjoy raiding your leftovers, I will miss you too!!! Also, I still call dibs on your itchy sweaters.

    P.S. I think you did a bang up job showing the record room chaos.

    Shine on in First Grade


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