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Listening:  My son lives in his own world. I love it.  He's going into fourth grade and I hope he keeps marching to his own beat.  Now, he is narrating and explaining the Hobbit to me. :)

Loving:  My Aunt and Uncle live in a small rural town.  We take the kids there every summer at least twice a week. It's great to see the tradition continue...  I spent most of my summers there since my parents both worked.

Thinking:  Moving rooms is a lot of work but FUN! I love redecorating and planning for a new adventure!  (The hubby doesn't like it so much because it equals $$$. Ha!)

Wanting:  I have a shady walkway and it needs some TLC.  I have plans to dig out the sides and plant maybe ferns and hostas.

Needing:  I love my daughter... She's 7 and already a slave to fashion.  (Yikes!) Her room is overflowing with clothes from Grammy, my neighbor's hand-me-downs, and things she buys with her allowance.

Summer Lovin:  I love being a stay at home mom during the summer. My hubby is a firefighter so we get loads of family time! Holiday World - here we come!

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  1. I can't wait to see how your new room turns out! I will be coming down to get lots of ideas!

    Shine on in First Grade

  2. Second grade will be lots of fun! I can't wait to see pics of your new classroom :)

  3. Enjoy your family time! I can only imagine in a few years that my daughter will also have an overflowing amount of clothes!! I am sure that my son will be marching to his own beat too!! He already does, and he isn't even 4 yet!! I am moving classrooms too, and I agree it does equal more money, but it's so nice!! Good luck!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  4. Hi there - I know exactly what you mean about spending money on your classroom but I think this happens whether you change or stay put - there's always something you want for the sake of the kids! I'm afraid it doesn't get any better about the mess - the clothes and shoes just keep on growing but just enjoy the time - my DD leaves for university this September and I know I'm really going to miss her :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace


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